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10 Simple Ways to Know You Have Found Your New Home


10 Simple Ways to Know You Have Found Your New Home

Buying a house is a lot like marrying someone:

At what point do you know whether you have found 'the one'?

Many buyers share the same worry and the same fear when they see a house that they really like: they start wondering whether it is the right one for them.

The main three things you should know about finding the right house is that you like it without pressure from your agent, you instinctively know it is the best fit, and you want to sleep on it.



Here are 10 more ways to know you have found the right house:

#1 - You want to go inside

The right house will be inviting and as soon as you see it from the outside, you want to know what it is like on the inside.

Curb appeal talks and if it captures your attention, it is worth pursuing.

#2 - The house embraces you when you enter

Within three seconds of entering the house, you will know whether it is the right fit for you.

You should feel warm and comfortable within the first few seconds.

If it feels like home, it probably is.

#3 - You don't feel funny in the bathroom

The bathroom is often a place of discomfort to many people who view homes. They would rather poke their head through the door than go inside.

The right house will have you stroking the marble vanity or envisioning yourself taking a shower in the morning.

This means it's just right for you.

#4 - You are possessive

Your agent might point out a flaw and show you a stain on the kitchen counter.

If you want to slap them for saying something so mean about such a perfect house, then you have already fallen in love with it.

#5 - You begin to imagine furniture arrangements

If you walk into the bedroom and start seeing your own bed against the wall, then this is the house for you.

You can already see your grandmother's rocking chair in the corner and your artwork decorating the walls.

#6 - You can see yourself repainting the walls

Maybe you don't like the purple accent wall in the living room but this isn't putting you off.

You have already chosen out a palette in your head and you have calculated the length of time it will take to repaint the whole interior.

#7 - The house fits your needs

It might not check every box on your list, but basically, it is everything you need and more.

Maybe it doesn't have a garage or a deck, but it does have enough rooms for your family and it is situated in a neighborhood that you like.

#8 - You don't want to look at other houses

The other homes on your list aren't looking that great anymore and the list becomes insignificant to you.

The house that you listed as your number 2 option might have dropped all the way to number 10.

Other homes seem pale in comparison and that is how you know, this is it.

#9 - You can't wait to brag about the house

You feel excited.

You want to post every centimetre of the house on Instagram and send it to your family group chats.

You become a real estate photographer and before you know it, you have hundreds of photos of it on your phone.

#10 - Every thought in your mind tells you to buy the house

You are consumed by the thought of buying the house and everything in the universe is telling you to buy it.

You can't think of anything else!

And that little voice in your head telling you to sleep on it? You can ignore that old hag.

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