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3 Ways Smart Homes Will Change South Africa


3 Ways Smart Homes Will Change South Africa

Smart homes are not just 'a thing of the future' nor are they reserved for the wealthy. As technology makes advances, they are becoming a reality for all of us.

The cutting-edge home systems included aren't just about playing music or the television in every room - they are revolutionising the way that we live in South Africa!

Especially when it comes to saving energy and water.

It has been predicted that 10% of South African houses will have smart home features by 2022.

Here are three ways smart homes will change our lives over the coming years:

1. Saving essential water

Issues with water management in South Africa are ongoing - it is in the top 30 countries in the world that have water scarcity problems. 

In the future, it may not always be possible to rely on the municipality for water supply, especially during periods of extreme drought.

Smart homes are being built to include rainwater tanks and also double reticulation greywater systems to save water to use when it is needed most. They are also monitoring water usage to try and minimize wastage. Replacing bathtubs in favor of showers that have an automatic cut-off time of three minutes are becoming more commonplace.

Keeping track of energy and water usage can have an enormous impact on the environment as we look towards the future.

2. Rooftops with several purposes

It has been predicted that more people will start to grow their own produce if food prices continue to escalate in the way that they have been.

The new generation of smart homes is utilising valuable roof space for growing fruits, vegetable and herbs.

Not only this, but some of the new architecture include special landing hatches on the roof for drones making deliveries. These hatches can be opened by Alexa, or even remotely, using your smart device, so you can take deliveries whilst you are not there.

3. High standard security

Having good home security is a priority for every family in South Africa. The new smart homes are focusing on this need.

You can monitor the homes remotely using your tablet or smartphone and even install a smart camera and intercom. Using this you can "answer" if someone is at your door, no matter where in the country (or world) you are. It will make it seem as if you are home, even if you are not!

It has been estimated that 10% of the population in South Africa will have this kind of equipment in their home by 2022, according to Statista.

Smart homes are about taking your living accommodation and making it functional to your needs. These improvements can help communities have a better quality of life.

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