7 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

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Humans evolved in nature and so it is in our genes to crave a touch of naturality in our daily lives.

However, with quite a few of us living in small apartments, most are pressed to find a solution.

Enter indoor plants!

Below are the top seven plants that thrive in apartments and indoor conditions:

1 - Snake Plant

The Snake Plant, also known as Sansevieria, which is a member of the Lily family, is a durable and hardy plant that's perfectly suited for apartment dwellers who often have limited space and lighting.

The Snake Plant is a tolerant plant that can make for a good decorative plant. It can survive in conditions no other plants can, such as low lighting conditions with a little neglect thrown in by its busy owner.

Many consider the Sansevieria to be a classic indoor plant with beautiful foliage that thrives even with little attention.

2 - Rubber Tree

The Ficus Elastica, or Rubber Plant, is a favored indoor plant that has given many homes a breath of freshness and greenery for many years. Being a tree, it can grow to a considerable size in their native habitat, but domesticated, it only reaches about 2-3 meters in height. The Rubber Plant is known for its gorgeous waxy leaves that come in a variety of colors.

For its care, the Rubber Plant is a great example of balance, only needing the right amount of sunlight and water to thrive. This plant only needs indirect light in an environment that isn't too hot. As for water, their need only increases during their growing season, right around the summer months.

3 - Dracaena

Another popular house plant, the Dracaena Reflexa, first originated in Madagascar and got its name from the ancient Greek word 'drakaina' which means female dragon due in part to its red resin from its stems that resemble dragon blood.

Simple and hardy, the Dracaena is another plant that can withstand a certain amount of neglect, which makes it quite suitable for homes and apartments, with busy occupants.

4 - Peace Lily

They say there are no perfect house plants but seeing a Peace Lily in the corner of a home would make you skeptical about that statement.

Those who have this plant find them very easy to care for and they don't require a lot of attention and time. The plant boasts gorgeous foliage with white blooms that'll give any home a nice natural and homey feel.

Known to be a versatile plant, the Peace Lily can thrive in almost any room but they are best suited as a floor plant, comfortable in corners and near couches.

5 - Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is considered to be one of the most adaptable ornamental house plants that are easy to grow and nurture. It doesn't demand too much from its owners and it will even survive in minimal water and lighting environment.

The Spider Plant is a great starter plant for new gardeners and neglectful apartment dwellers who love a little greenery in their space. They can even be propagated by cutting off and potting one of its plantlets.

6 - Bird's Nest Fern

If you are looking to add a splash of greenery into your home but don't particularly have the patience or the time to nurture a plant, then consider going with ferns.

The Bird's Nest Fern doesn't resemble any fern at all with its leaf-like fronds with cute fuzzy rosette tips. It thrives best in indirect lighting conditions and minimal water - perfect for those among us living in tiny apartments!

7 - Aloe Vera

Finally, for a true indoor plant classic, go with an Aloe Vera plant. A favorite succulent variety, Aloe Vera's juicy leaves can also be used to treat scrapes and burns. It only requires spot at home with bright indirect sunlight. Watering should be deep and infrequent for this plant.

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