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8 Essential Things You Need To 'Om' Your Home


8 Essential Things You Need To 'Om' Your Home

Our home is the only piece of this earth that we can say belongs to us.

It is our stress-free zone, our oasis, our getaway when we need to run away from the world.

If we still don't feel like it is completely an oasis of calm, there are certain things that can fix this vibe:

#1 - Improve the energy flow of the entire space

Your place should inspire you to be positive, calm and centered.

If the entire space is cluttered, the energy won't flow through easily. Thus, you won't be inspired to create, feel positive emotions or even reduce stress.

Try to determine the flow of energy and remove objects that might be blocking it.

According to Feng Shui, the energy enters through the door and moves through windows and other doors in your home. Remove anything that might be blocking it.

Also, for the sake of your mental health declutter your space and keep it clutter-free.

#2 - Let fresh flowers bring the outside in

You can't create the 'om' vibes within your home without plants and fresh flowers. Green color has a calming effect because we associate it with nature, life and living healthy.

Introduce at least two potted plants into every room including the bathroom. Snake plants, Aloe Vera, Succulents, Rubber Plant or a Ficus can easily elevate the air quality and remove toxins. Position them strategically around your home to improve the general vibe of your home.

Fresh flowers are also known to instantly beautify a place and create a calm and serene vibe. 

#3 - Mirrors create a sense of harmony

Mirrors are an essential element of Zen decor because they reflect and direct energy through your home.

The easiest trick to make any room larger is to place a mirror opposite a window. Besides this, you can use mirrors as decorative pieces and create a sense of harmony.

You can put one full-length mirror in the living room and position a potted plant on both sides of it. You can also position a mirror across from a piece of art and create a reflection of it across the room.

#4 - Bright details everywhere

Dark colors are often considered as gloomy and these do not contribute to the overall Zen-vibe of the place. Instead, go for bright colors, beige colors combined with earthy details.

Bright hues can make any room look larger, calmer and brighter. Also, neutral colors are the perfect base because you can easily elevate the decor with bright colored details and still maintain the serene vibe.

For example, you can paint the walls white or champagne color and easily elevate the color entire scheme with pastel furniture. Play with shades until you find the right color scheme that makes you feel calm.

#5 - Zen-inspired elements

Nothing sends more of the Zen-vibe like the right details. You can decorate your reading nook with a Budha statue. It serves to balance out the yin-yang energy within your home. Put it on a coffee table next to your bookshelf, or make it a centerpiece by placing it between your books.

You can also incorporate a singing bowl into your decor as well. These are used to relieve stress and you should find a perfect place for it to enhance the om vibe.

The living room coffee table is an ideal place to position some crystals. You can easily incorporate them into your decor by placing them on a table.

Selenite and Apophyllite can enhance those feel-good vibes of a living room. Amethyst and Selenite belong to the bedroom because these crystals cleanse the area and promote a sense of calm by reducing stress.

#6 - Your own meditation nook

Dedicate a space within your home for peaceful meditation. It can be a corner or an entire room designed to give you the space you need to relax.

If it's just a corner, decorate it with a few comfy pillows you can sit on. Make sure you have a side table near to put scented candles and incense on it.

If you have an entire room at your disposal, you can take it up a notch and turn it into a true zen oasis. Incorporate a magnificent massage chair into your meditation area and ease your muscles while you meditate. 

#7 - Preserve the source of natural light

Don't cover up your windows with anything that might reduce the amount of natural light.

A bright room can help you maintain your focus and elevate your energy levels. It also helps reduce the amount of stress and decreases anxiety. It is also needed to maintain a sense of inner calm.

Your plants also need a lot of natural sunlight so use something like translucent window blinds. These won't block out sunlight completely and still make your room look bright and full of life.

#8 - Improve the overall vibe with natural scents

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool against stress, a bad mood, and bad vibes. Powerful scents can stimulate your senses and get your creative juices flowing.

Who doesn't like to spend their time in a room that calms them down and feels like a rose blossoming?

By diffusing scents like sweet orange,  bergamot, lemon, or lemongrass you make the room smell fresh and clean. It will also create some happy and healing vibes.

Now that you know how to 'om' your place, it's time to get started with the transformation process. Follow these above-mentioned tips and turn your space into your own peaceful oasis.

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