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How to Bring Sports into Your Home and Garden All Summer Long


How to Bring Sports into Your Home and Garden All Summer Long

Despite summer still being a long time away, many of us are already planning our next holidays and wondering what the best way to use our time would be.

How about some exercise? But instead of joining a club or catching a bus to a court on the other side of the city, why not create a sports court in your backyard?

This is a great way to exercise if you're busy with work, and you'll spend more quality time with your family!

And for younger children, it's always a good thing to know where they're playing. Tennis, football, and basketball are all great choices. Some may require some extra DIY work, but nothing too expensive or difficult.

Where to Begin?

For projects such as these, it may be best to present the idea to your family and simply discuss with them, as this is everyone's space.

Talk about what sport everyone fancies, and what kind of court they want to build.

For each choice of sport, you should consider how much space you are willing to dedicate. Creating a basketball court will leave some room for a barbecue or an outside kitchen, while a full-size football field likely won't leave any room at all.

Also, don't be afraid of changes in the future. There are several ways in which you can modify your court over the years so that it suits your ever-changing needs.

The Specifics

If you've chosen basketball, you have another choice in front of you. A full court will give you the real experience and is great for a bigger number of people, yet a half court is better for casual play and one on one, or two on two games.

Now, regarding the field itself. Some people prefer concrete flooring, which is more expensive than pre-made basketball flooring. For the basketball pole, you should dig a hole that is at least 15 inches, or about 40 centimeters deep so that the pole is as stable as can be.

After making sure that it is perfectly straight, fill the hole with concrete to secure the pole. The finishing touches are to use paint to draw the free throw line and the three-point line. Pre-made flooring usually comes ready with all of the required markings.

If you don't have the resources to cover the cost of a 3G football pitch, or simply don't like the idea of such a field, there's a number of DIY choices.

First off, you should measure the length of your backyard, then multiply it by 0.625 to get the width of your football field.

And remember that you needn't use all of the space you have, simply using a portion of your lawn is good enough.

Take a sharp tool and cut down any bush that might be in the way, and don't forget to fill any hollows in the ground!

Regarding the goal posts, the two types are permanent and temporary:

  • Permanent posts are the way to go if you plan on using them for a few years without the need to constantly move them.
  • Temporary needs, for example, a children's party, call for a temporary goal post. These come in plastic or blow-up variants, and as such, they're easy to set up.

The final touches would include marking the corners of the field with cones and using paint to draw all of the required lines.

Adding a Final Touch

Depending on your needs, your court may require a few post-modifications.

You might consider a final touch in terms of a sports canopy, as a place to hide from the sun until it's your turn. Another great choice is investing in lights, especially if you're planning some nightly activities.

For people aiming towards a more professional setting, it's obvious that you should ask professionals. Some people have found that Legacy Lighting is a great help, as they know what to aim for.

For sports such as basketball, the lighting needs are unique and there are certain requirements that should be met. Experienced engineers and workers can properly assess the existing conditions, and recommend a handful of ideas for you to choose from.

Transforming the Field

Lastly, if you don't feel like playing basketball anymore, there's no need to worry. You can simply transform the space!

For example, a few buckets of paint, a net, and a few more supplies, and you've got yourself a tennis court. If you ever feel the need to do so, it won't be hard to find a new use for your playing field, or revamp it and use it for another sport.

To conclude, there's a variety of uses for your yard. Nice weather calls for sports, so why not create a court near home?

It helps with taking care of children, and when you have a busy schedule. Depending on your needs, the project might cost more or less, but what's truly important is that everyone in your home agrees on the objective.

And don't be afraid to ask for help; building the court is a fun activity on its own!

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